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    Since we receive the commission of doing this project, we were enthusiastic about the idea of transmitting, within a contemporary concept of interior design, sensations that would bring closer the palette of colors and materials most characteristic of the landscape of Catalonia without falling into clichés or explicit solutions.

    The challenge of articulating a three levels space with three variants of Paco Pérez's gastronomic proposal presented a certain complexity. By the floor plan complexity itself and because we came with ideas and some materials non convencional in Manchester.

    The proposal and the project that has been developed is based on the gradation of typical tones of the Catalan landscape as you ascend every level. Also with the presence of materials such as wood, linen or tiles and hydraulic mosaics more representative of traditional interiors. But wrapped in a contemporary patina to accompany the culinary proposal, which we always understood as the real star of Tast.

    In this way, all the spaces pretend to be functional, simple and at the same time transmit an idea of Mediterranean luminosity without the need to be ostentatious or provide spectacular solutions. To sum it up, the aim is to bring to Manchester an evocative proposal of the Catalan landscape that is honest, natural and of indisputable modernity, which is how we consider Paco Pérez's work in the kitchen.

    In short, a space that envelops and emphasises the culinary proposal so that food and wine can be enjoyed and shared. That is our objective, to be good companions of the authentic protagonist of an excellent restaurant. An integral project in which we take care of everything from the initial architectural solutions to the final selection of all the furniture, lighting and accessories.

    Tast has been nominated for Best UK restaurant at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2019.