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    This global interior design project takes place in a home with adjusted dimensions, inside an old building of the Valencian neighbourhood of Ruzafa. The challenge for this project was to make the most of the space without loosing the sensible value given by its remarkable height and vaulted ceilings.

    During the working process of the executive project, we suggested optimizing the space to its maximum thanks to a very detailed work, while respecting the past and history of an ancient building. A very precise color range, inspired by the existent hydraulic tiles on the floor and contrasted by neutral tones in both living and night area, gives the sensation of change as well as continuity and fluidity between spaces.

    Besides, storage areas were integrated as much as possible in each room, in order to achieve a sensation of space and clarity in the entire apartment. The goal was to create a space mainly dedicated to its users and not to the furniture and the accumulation of objects.

    Ruzafa is a project in which we took care of everything, from the initial design concept to the tiniest detail in terms of furniture, lighting and accessories in order to unificare the aesthetic and conceptual criteria of this home.