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    The challenge to be solved in this classic dwelling in Barcelona's Eixample district was, despite the limitations in redistribution, to achieve the arrangement of the day-night areas, to give it aesthetic and conceptual unity and to optimise the storage areas to achieve the maximum sensation of space.

    The main change in the distribution was to integrate the kitchen into the living area as this was at the other wing In this way, we zoned the house by use and got a new bedroom so that each child of the couple had their own space.

    Another important aspect to be solved was to optimize the storage spaces without them being invasive and integrating them in volume and colour within the overall idea. Built-in wardrobes and movements of some walls allowed to gain a complete laundry area and reduce the feeling of a corridor that ran through the house.

    The respect for the existing structural elements, hydraulic flooring and interior doors and balconies, led us to use soft warm tones in the walls, kitchen and furniture. The chromatic detail of the main mosaic was the colour that defined the range to be used in the bathroom, entrance area and details in children's bedrooms.

    Planning from the beginning of the project which would be the pieces of furniture and lighting has helped the result to be more integrated and chromatically defined. In this way, we achieve overall perception and generate a sensation of space.

    The proposal integrated certain decorative elements of the family because we always take into account those who live in a space, in this case for years, and thus can perceive a great improvement of the same family space.