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    The Fiber Chair Family, a seating collection signed by the Iskos-Berlin design duo, represents an essential part of Muuto's portfolio. Both the chromatic range and soft curves of the Fiber Chair made it an emblematic design of the brand from the very beginning.

    Muuto launched the first Fiber Chair in 2014, with the intention of proposing its own vision of the archetypal shell chair. Today, the brand presents a new generation of the collection, the result of a conscious reflection on the materials that compose it and its production system. After two years of research and development, Muuto unveils the new Fiber Chair: made of 80% of recycled plastic and wood fibers, it offers a soft and inviting touch with a matte and tactile surface.

    Creating a sustainable design is not only about the durability and resistance of the product over time, but also about proposing a long-lasting and timeless aesthetic. The Fiber Chair's color palette is an emblematic aspect of its design that had to be taken into account during the development of the new recycled material.

    "If I had to describe the Fiber Chair in one word, it would probably be harmony. It's a harmony between aesthetic and comfort. Between modern and timeless. Between high-tech and tradition." Aleksej Iskos

    According to Muuto, transforming the production of the Fiber Chair is an ambitious starting point to become more circular in its raw material consumption. By switching to recycled plastic, the brand expects to save more than 50 tons of virgin plastic by 2022.