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    Born in a small danish island, Cecilie Manz embodies through her creations the simplicity of cosy minimalism. At NT, the organic and timeless beauty of her designs is completely in line with our aesthetic concept.

    After graduating from the prestigious Danish Academy of Fine Arts and completing her studies at the Helsinki University of Art and Design, Cecilie Manz founded her own studio in Copenhagen in 1998. Since then, she received numerous distinctions honouring her work, among others the Furniture Prize 2007 (Denmark) and the Designer of the Year 2018 award by Maison&Objet.

    Cecilie Manz's designs reflect the essence of craftsmanship, unconstrained by today's frenetic production rhythms. In her studio, the designer works alone, drawing on paper and creating her prototypes and models by hand. Thanks to this unique creative process, Cecilie Manz creates meaningful objects where function always prevail.

    Manz designs pieces intended to be part of everyday life in its simplest form. Following a traditional Danish aesthetic, the designer stands out for her use of durable materials, her keen sense of detail and an undeniable elegance.

    Lamps, furniture, tableware, textiles: Cecilie Manz has no limits when it comes to creating and proposing her own vision of what a good design is. And from NT, we fully share it.