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    In NT, since our beginnings we have always been in search of approaching good design in an honest way. With that aim in view, we must before all else ask ourselves: what is good design and how is it made?

    We consider our customers as users and not consumers. That is why we dedicate a great effort to the search of quality pieces made to last, in order to offer a unique selection and invite to a responsible purchase. In this regard, we believe that knowing and understanding the manufacturing process of each product becomes an essential step before making any decision.

    One of the fundamentals of good design lies in its place of manufacture. In a increasingly globalised world, now is the time to promote local production (in our case, European) and prioritize a return to proximity more than necessary in the times we live in.

    When we talk about good design, we also talk about the container. In each of our interior design project, we seek to optimize resources in the decisions we make and always opt for the most respectful alternative for our environment. We stand for organic materials, such as wood or natural stone: living materials that change and evolve as time goes by. We seek to avoid artifice in order to offer textures that stimulate the senses.

    Knowing the materials that make up the furniture that surrounds us means understanding better its origin and manufacturing process. In this way, we will be able to differentiate, select and appreciate a well-made design, a good design.