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    At NT, we stand for an honest and quality design. We seek to transmit sensations through the creation of unique atmospheres and a acurate selection of singular pieces. We offer eco-friendly solutions based on three main criteria: functionality, simplicity and beauty.

    We offer spaces made for living, in which its users are the protagonists.

    The project always starts with a dialogue: we want to get to know our clients and understand what they need. At each stage of the process, we work together to achieve a harmonious and coherent result, adjusted to their lifestyle.

    After collecting all the information and highlighting the key points of the projects, we continue with a fundamental part of the process: offering inspiring and functional ideas to the clients. After an extensive search of colors, textures and materials to find the right combination, we present a moodboard that will help them visualize the project in its globality.

    Once we start the design part, we take care and value every detail. We work with controlled color palettes, keeping in mind the existing space to define the range of textures and shapes. We seek to achieve an overall perception, in which each of the elements has a meaning, under the same aesthetic concept.

    At NT, we take care of each project from its conceptual part to its execution and final delivery. Together with our construction team, we handle all the stages of the renovation process, taking care of the smallest detail. Thanks to a rigorous work planning, we deliver pre-planned projects from beginning to end.

    Many years of experience and reflection allow us to design spaces with our own unique point of view: we consider it essential that the selection of furniture always accompanies the renovation project. We work container and content as a single unit so that volumes, proportions, shapes, materials and colors coexist in harmony.