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    After many years of success the inevitable has happened, the Nordic design has evolved at the same time as it has been distorted by bad copies and low-cost imitations that are brimming with those who have always wanted to innovate, something habitual in those territories.

    Let's put in context the recent history of design that comes from the countries of northern Europe. At the beginning of this century, a young generation of brands and designers update their great heritage of the 40s and 50s of the 20th century and find the right formula to relaunch all their good aesthetic and functional criteria applied to the design of furniture, lighting and accessories.

    A complete range of brands, mainly Danish, is coming to the fore. They know how to create simple, functional designs at a good price and find an enthusiastic response throughout Europe in a context of pre-crisis and then in the midst of crisis. Nordicthink was born in parallel to that current and the wave takes us in the right direction, being innovative and filtering with our prism all the avalanche of brands that we seek, find and promote.

    The basic precepts of these great designs are light woods and white as canvas on which to propose honest pieces with controlled colors. Lively, positive and cozy environments are generated (the hygge so used years later) that triumph irremediably. We are happy, we grew up with them and we are genetically associated with all this generation.

    As with any formula of success, years later and once customers scream for it, many competitors begin to want to work with those brands that were previously scorned and appear as mushrooms versions of low aesthetic and qualitative level that call themselves Nordic design and Nordic style, something actually indefinite and very open.

    The brands themselves, and we join them, evolve the model, contemporary it with designs and designers from other places and each one or the majority takes its own personality. It is in this moment when we see that the label does not represent us if the use that has become popular in recent years is not limited.

    For this reason, we are becoming more NT and less Nordicthink. Because we still have a great aesthetic and conceptual affinity with some of our brands, because Copenhagen continues to be a city of reference and because we have grown and advanced in parallel with our partners in the North. In colors, shapes and materials and, above all, in not wanting to stand still and make this proposal evolve. This is how we take our own aesthetic and conceptual path, beyond foreign labels and little representative today.

    Now NT is an interior design studio with a furniture showroom in which we do integral refurbishment projects for public and private spaces, we do kitchen projects and we also offer furniture and lighting. And yes, most of it is still Nordic design but it comes from and is created in those countries we still love, with no more obligation than the pleasure of working together.

    Welcome back, this is NT