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    In these 9 years, Nordicthink has evolved thanks to the good response of so many customers and the circumstances of the sector itself, our open sensitivity and, of course, the world in which we live.

    If this started with a crush on New Nordic, the generation of brands and designers that emerged at the beginning of this century in Denmark, we still maintain today the affinity with what is called Nordic design (with too much lightness) but now with our own entity, enough to make NT a reality on its own.

    In this evolution, we have wanted to expand our proposals and services, promoting integral interior design projects, kitchen projects and everything related to furniture and lighting that we like to select with refined criteria, whatever their origin.

    There is no doubt that we continue to look to the North because there we find a great source of inspiration, because we share much of what they propose to us and because there is a great aesthetic and conceptual affinity. But so far. We are Nordicthink by that look and we are, from now on, NT.

    A Universe in which we propose an unconventional idea that we apply to everything related to this work that we like so much and that we want to share so much. Everything contributes to the final goal: creating an atmosphere to live well and to live together even better.

    Thank you for the company.