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    The new generation of Scandinavian designers are applying innovative materials to the development of intriguing new products.

    Grain lamp nordicthink

    The most recent, and one of the greatest examples, is the Grain lamp by the Danish brand Muuto. Grain is made with a mix of bamboo fibres and polypropylene. The well proportioned textured lampshade has been fulfilled with an inner shade that reflects the warm light of the led bulb. Swedish designer Jens Fager has taken an important decision when using bamboo, a material that is not only natural but also flexible and resistant.

    Grain lamp nordicthink

    By cause of these excellent characteristics there are architects that anticipate bamboo to be an alternative to steel within a near future. Meanwhile, innovative Nordic brands suchas Muuto are applying and mixing bio composite materials, yet another example is the Fiber chair that was launched last year.

    Fiber chair nordicthink

    A chair available in different colours and upholstered versions that provides sustainability alongside with new textures and sensations. Nevertheless, without ever loosing the persistence of Scandinavian design.