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    One of our favourites, Muuto, has expanded its excellent collection of lamps and now we can enjoy of all of them at the showroom.

    These decorative lights have in common the same basis that all Danish and Scandinavian contemporary products have. The one that has been giving us so much joy. Let's see:

    1. Instead of only using general lighting we can illuminate spaces with well thought direct light there where we need it. This is how we are able to optimize our energy consumption. By avoiding too strong general lighting we can create welcoming environments and play with the lamps themselves aesthetically. Muuto has also introduced the intelligent LED technology as used in the stylish Leaf lamp.

    2. In some cases contemporary aesthetic is based on the most iconic traditional lamps. From the E27 Socket lamp and its tribute to the Edison's light bulb to Pull lamp and Wood lamp, wood and technology of the old world.

    3. The price goes hand in hand with the quality and the good design we offer. No one can say that a lamp from Muuto is expensive. Look at the Unfold for example and judge yourself.

    Thanks to these premises, the applications to the public and private places and the effiency, functionality and aesthetic of Muuto's lamps, it's a pleasure to have them close by.