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    The personality of a designer, like of all human, influences notably to his or her actions. In the design world there are stars who are basically copying themselves once they have reached the fame.

    Then there are those who are able to create a fine and delicate storyline that continues in all of their designs still giving each of them a stylish, surprising twist that stimulates the senses. From this second category we can find Danish Cecilie Manz.

    Mingus lamp

    The recent result of collaboration with Lightyears, Mingus lamp, strengthens the continuum between all her work. Elegance and simplicity as results of the pure forms and serene, soft, cosy colors.

    Mingus lamp

    The color palette in her lamps is very fascinating. Like done before with Caravaggio, which has got more variations and has been slowly improving over time. Now the Mingus lamp stands out because of her personally chosen color palette, carefully selected to match with each other.

    Mingus lamp

    In summary, beautiful lamps like Mingus will be born when the work is calm, thoughtful and based on a tradition to bring up interesting novelties. They reflect precisely the character and the method of a great, modest designer.

    Great work, Ms. Manz!