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    It might seem only a decorative figure, an object that doesn't have any other intention than decorate but it's also telling a story of how it has turned from a piece of wood into a romantic object. The story of traditions and the ways of production, which in the world ruled by economic factores is having more and more difficulties all the time.

    The bird from Architectmade, designed by the architect Kristian Vedel in 1959, is still made by the same way than when it was designed over 60 years ago. The products are handmade in a small Danish town by experts with a lathe from a piece of oak. With patience and skills they are able to create these beautiful objects.

    Besides the authentic feeling of artisanal production, the greatest feature of the bird is that with only two pieces it can reach a great, almost human like expressiveness and the ability to change the whole essence by simple turn of its head.

    The detail in its lively eyes makes the bird to change the expression from shyness to tenderness or from curiosity to sadness just with a slight move of the hand. With the way of manufacturing, this is a brilliant, decorative and imaginative idea that will last time.