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    When at its best the Scandinavian contemporary design is familiar with new materials and circumstances and takes into account the environmental impacts when creating a new product. 

    Unfold lamp muuto

    The Swedish studio Form Us With Love created the Unfold lamp 2010 for Muuto and since then it has been very successful for some reasons that are obvious and others not so obvious ones. Let's take a look:

    1. An aesthetic design with classic forms which makes the lamp suit for almost everyone.

    2. A skillful selection of colors that distinguish and makes the lamp bold and modern and the siluette to stand out perfectly.

    3. The direct and clear light thanks to the diffuser, which also keeps the lamp on its shape.

    4. The use of recyclable material, silicone rubber, that adds great value to the Unfold lamp.

    Unfold lamp muuto

    Beyond aesthetic and functional matters the FUWL always presents in their designs, the added value to the Unfold is that you can carry it in a box half its size, because the material allows it to be folded. Since the storage and transport costs are optimized, the price stays competitive.

    Unfold lamp muuto

    The Unfold is so durable and user-friendly that its use in any public or private space is fantastic. No problems with breakage, easy to clean, neutral or vibrant colors...

    Unfold lamp muuto

    What are you waiting for? Unfold your new lamp!