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    In an earlier post we already spoke about minimalism and the sad, thoughtless and superficial use of the word. Actually, it is a concept that in its purest sense is very close to the Scandinavian design. Let me explain.

    Recently we have been hearing about the concept of cosy minimalism. Maybe it's the idea that can define the essence of the design coming from the North, if we talk about interior design or objects in a wide range.

    The long tradition of using sensible materials such as wood, simplicity of forms and vocation of becoming beautiful and functional makes Scandinavian objects to create, alone or together, cosy environments that are so common for those latitudes. Also influenced by the climate the spaces need to be bright and illuminated proportionally.

    Scandinavian minimalim

    If we look at the details we'll see a lot of things that create cosy feeling without over complicating the decoration, like in some houses and styles in which it never seems to end. Let's see: 

    Using wood as a basic material due to its great qualities (hardness, durability, flexibility, warmth...) The evocative raw material of the natural environment that so generously surrounds Scandinavia.

    The white as a basic color offers a sensation of space, cleanliness and order, but it's also a generator of warmth when you know how to combine it with light wood and space of good natural and artificial lighting.

    The control of the light, the right and well directed dosis when it comes from lamps, which always bring a decorative value to the space they illuminate.

    In general the constant use of the raw and natural materials. The textiles, carefully chosen to the Scandinavian homes, always combining cotton, linen and wool with great quality and wonderful touch.

    The complements in all the rooms are much more than just accessories. In some cases they are providing vibrant tones of color, contrasting and revitalizing the neutral space of white and wood.

    Scandinavian minimalism

    Essentially, cosy minimalism is about creating spaces that are plain and simple, beautiful and harmonious, timeless and above all, cozy.