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    The Danish brand Menu is releasing numerous beautiful and undeniably functional objects, the recently reborn brand have entered a collaboration with Norm Architects who is now in charge of their new objects and releases.

    Bollard lamp Menu

    An excellent example of the Nordic design philosophy where beauty, simplicity and functionality is represented is the new Bollard lamp. A lamp so flexible in its application that it is hard to find a place where it does not fit.

    Bollard lamp Menu

    The design has been developed to be used as a pendant lamp, spotlight or a table lamp emitting indirect light, or simply placed on top of a cabinet or shelf. Besides, Bollard works and looks just as good alone as in a group.

    Bollard lamp Menu

    Since the lamp is made out of silicone the product becomes suitable for both public and infant spaces. Due to the affordable price and a multifunctionality which is hard to improve, we can just say one thing about this product - pure contemporary nordic design!