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    It's important that carpets, those functional, visually stimulant, decorative pieces are easily maintained beyond their materials and aesthetic values.

    Rita carpet by Brita Sweden

    Brita Sweden has managed to develop the type of plastic mats from the ever present need to protect wooden floors in Scandinavian homes.

    Gittan rug by Brita Sweden

    Suitable for to use all year-round and even outside, Brita carpets are functional and practical and can be adapted to public spaces like hotels or in any room of a house, children's rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or bedrooms.

    Anna rug by Brita Sweden

    The materials allow washing, to vet them and even put them into the washing machine for any incident, so we won't have to visit the dry cleaner's or suffer for the children's snacks that inevitably stain any inappropriate place.

    Gerda rug by Brita Sweden

    Brita mixes successfully patterns and colors until the growing collection that's always based on the same idea. The carpets are as functional and practical elements and they are almost undeniably beautiful.