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    These times have changed a lot of things in industrial and interior design. One of the most remarkable thing is a new interest in an object, an accessory, a complement... a small product.

    Kaleido trays by HAY

    For Scandinavians this is nothing new. For decades they have been interested in details in all types of products they design and use. From lamps to armchairs but also to tea towels, cushions, candle holders, cups or to a simple vase.

    Siirtolapuutarha collection by Marimekko

    It is noteworthy, that some brands from the other latitudes until now haven't been doing anything for any less than for some thousands of euros, have now seen the opportunities of small products, the supplements that strengthen the image of the brand and help them to survive.

    Paper collective posters

    For us here this is normal. Scandinavian design has always been and will be like that also in the future. For this reason we can have clocks, plates, lamps, hangers, water carafes, wine coolers, toys, cutting boards... and everything that strengthens the concept and makes our everyday life at home more enjoyable when we can only allow ourselves small luxuries.

    Stripes placemat by Ferm Living

    Good design is in details, at the background and it will make us better. As the genius already said, the design is in details.