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    Now while we are living the age of an excessive consumption, it's time to think again about gifts we give to the smallest ones. For those who are all the time more and more important members of the families. We have a great responsibility in this case.

    Animal Matryoshka by Omm design

    When it's about designing toys, children should be in the center of attention. It happens too often that demands of business, production in distant countries and the trends are being more important than children themselves and their cognitive and psychomotor development.

    Jim the Teckel by Brio

    Commercial pressure of the big corporations influence to the small ones and makes them want to have games and toys that, we know better, tend to be aesthetically complex and contain a lot of plastics. The worst of all is that in many cases they make users passive.

    Totem collection by Studioroof

    The good design should be the main focus when making toys. Of course the design must be attractive and eye-catching, but it's essential that they contribute the use of the imagination. They should make it easier to come up with exciting adventures and they could even help the children to develop and accompany them throughout their use. This must be fundamentally simple.

    Casa Cabana by Studioroof

    Wood and cardboard are materials that we consider the most suitable for ideal toy for several reasons. Cardboard is a humble material that already stands for basic intentions. A simple visual language is attractive and we can leave aside all the tricks and lights that aren't doing anything else than being superficial and propose simple structures that leave everything open, everything to do and think.

    The other great virtue is that it can accompany the child with different uses. By being able to decorate, paint or cut, the original figure is converted into a mutant toy that stimulates and induces the child to take part and interact with the toy. Actually it invites to use the imagination.

    Book of animals by Studioroof

    The wood, especially for the youngest ones, is a warm, durable material that will last over time and may be assigned later to little siblings, cousins, friends or acquaintances. It's about giving new life to a simple form with imagination, that's what it is.

    As simple as it is, we are looking for toys made of honest materials for children to have a basis on which to built and as adults they would have a vivid imagination that would help them to find solutions that they need in their future everyday life.

    Giraffe by Brio

    In conclusion, toys that doesn't do anything, so we get to do it all by ourselves with our powerful imagination.