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    Bamboo and Scandinavian design
    Grain lamp

    The new generation of Scandinavian designers are applying innovative materials to the development of intriguing new products.

    categories: ideas, brands
    Bollard - or functionality converted into light
    Bollard lamp

    The Danish brand Menu is releasing numerous beautiful and undeniably functional objects, the recently reborn brand have entered a collaboration with Norm Architects who is now in charge of their new objects and releases.

    Form chair - the final result
    Form chair

    Normann Copenhagen - one of our favourites, have recently presented their new collection Form, which includes chairs, stools and tables. A collection that bit by bit will find its place in our selection.

    categories: objects
    The pure shapes of Frama
    E27 frama

    Frama CPH is a creative studio formed by Danish architects who focuses on raw materials of simple geometry and natural finishes. The collection is a return to the basics - where the design intend to be honest and pure.

    categories: brands
    Gubi - timeless elegance
    Mategot coat rack

    Gubi are on an endless search, which results in a wide range of aesthetic objects that are characterized by simple shapes, unconventional materials and techniques that challenge time and space.

    categories: brands