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Brita carpets — beautiful functionality

It's important that carpets, those functional, visually stimulant, decorative pieces are easily maintained beyond their materials and aesthetic values. Brita Sweden has managed to develop the type of plastic mats from the ever present.

The idea behind the juicer

Once again the Danish wit has went beyond traditional ideas about daily objects and created something new. Thanks to the Danish trio KiBiSi, Muuto presents Turn Around, a citrus juicer that hides added value behind its iconic appearance.

Our daily object

These times have changed a lot of things in industrial and interior design. One of the most remarkable thing is a new interest in an object, an accessory, a complement... a small product.

Muuto enlightens us

One of our favourites, Muuto, has expanded its excellent collection of lamps and now we can enjoy of all of them at the showroom. These decorative lights have in common the same basis that all Danish and contemporary products have.

The graphic happiness of Ingela

Every illustrator has an own unique style and in the case of Swedish designer Ingela P. Arrhenius her positive spirit, cheerful colors and adorable characters fills all her work.